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Finding space to reflect is in short supply. We know that.

However, something in you feels unbalanced, or out of kilter.

Yes, you might be able to keep busy and push it down for a bit longer. Or it might have been suppressed long enough and is now causing ripples.

Maybe now is the time to prioritise making some space to reflect on what is contributing to the imbalance and to start to explore what steps may help redress it.

Particularly for those of you in “halftime” – as you are in your middle years, the achievements of the past seem to not matter as much as finding something of meaning and significance in the years ahead.

Spend some time at the Still Room asking these sort of questions:-

“At my core, who am I?”

“What do I truly value?”

“What do I love?”

“What are my priorities?”

“What do I dream of doing?”

“What would get in the way of making changes?”

Drawing upon Naomi’s years of listening and personal coaching, and Chris’s extensive business experience, we can help you explore these questions and think through the implications.

We may use one of a range of personality profiling tools, some guided reflections, and may even help you craft a new CV or career focus. Contact us and talk through where you’re at, and what you’re hoping to achieve, and we can tailor something just for you.

Of course, you may just need some fresh air, sleep, or a digital detox – that is also on the menu.