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We offer career, personal & spiritual retreats for individuals from our Still Room.

Still Room – A History.

A Still Room is a place for distilling, a process that brings out the essential essence of something.

Ham House in Richmond was the first home we visited with a Still Room. Theirs was a room for distilling herbs from the garden through heating and cooking, to make medicines for the household. The essential essences of the plants were administered to promote the health, and aid healing of, individuals in the household and community.

How exciting.

Our Still Room.

Standing slightly detached from our family home in a beautiful part of Dorset, we have created a space for people distilling. Through the process of stilling and quietening down, we trust that something of your essential essence will be drawn out. We believe the health and flourishing of yourself and the communities you inhabit needs more of your essential essence.

Your Stay.

Our aim is to honour your decision to step out from the centre of your daily life, and to facilitate the process of distillation.

The senses and muscles we use to achieve our purposes and activities are often over developed and tense. We hope that your time at the Still Room will enable them some relaxation, rest and recovery time. We provide the opportunity to explore using other senses and muscles during your stay. There are a number of ways in which we can facilitate this:-

Comfort – We hope you find the Still Room warm and comfortable. You are encouraged to make yourself at home and ask for anything if you find something missing.

Creativity – Doing something creative can help us relax and explore the world in fresh ways. There are a number of creative resources provided for you to use as you wish.

Garden – We have a lovely garden and summer house for you to use and enjoy.

Nature – We live in a beautiful part of the country, full of places to stop and stare. We have maps, recommended walks, and routes available on request. You may borrow a bike or kayak.

Food – A breakfast tray is included in your stay. It is also possible to provide a packed lunch or evening meal by arrangement.

Listening – Naomi offers confidential, non-judgemental, non-directive listening. She has completed counselling and spiritual direction training. She holds a current DBS, attends her own direction and receives supervision. She is available during school hours.

Entertainment – The Still Room has been furnished to help you retreat from normal life. A radio, docking station and books are available on request. We hope that having to request them helps empower you to consider how and when you will engage with them during your stay. Wi-Fi is available, but not recommended!

You will have your own space, but we will be happy to provide assistance as required – we are delighted that you have chosen to stay with us, and wish your retreat to be as positive and fruitful as possible.