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I’m a skilled listener, with counselling and spiritual direction training and experience, who’s passionate about creating reflective spaces in which people explore and enjoy their unique identities and value. Spaces that enable one to pay attention to the prompts & invitations to live more freely that we all receive, but so easily miss or ignore.

At university, I read Political Theory as I was intrigued by the different ideologies & approaches that societies have adopted in order to facilitate human flourishing. I later trained & worked as a Montessori Teacher – Maria Montessori was the first theorist I discovered who was able to develop an environment that recognised the need for humans to holistically attend to their physical, mental, emotional & spiritual needs in order to flourish.

I have experience of working in a variety of settings in paid & voluntary capacities with a wide range of people. Chris & I have been married for over twenty years and have 3 children.

In order to be able to offer space for others, I’ve slowly learnt the necessity of accepting & attending to my own physical, mental, emotional & spiritual needs. I know how difficult that can be whilst trying to balance all the other demands of life, and how difficult it often is as care giver to own and receive the care we ourselves need.

My particular walk has convinced me that only when we take our own needs seriously are we truly able to work for the flourishing of those in our families and communities.

The difference that comes from primarily working out of a place of “human being” not “human doing” is enormous & incredibly liberating.

I invite you to come exploring.