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With over 20 years’ experience working in retail and IT, Chris has developed a consulting career in which he has worked with nearly all the major UK retailers, and a number of leading business consultancies. He is adept at listening and helping shape challenges, strategies or requirements, and then putting together teams and plans to deliver material change that sticks. Chris has particular experience in supply chain, technology, omni-channel retailing, international expansion, innovation, analytics and merchandising – however, he is used to being dropped into unchartered territory to help those experts already in place bring about necessary changes.

Chris has developed a wide network that he able to draw on to bring relevant subject matter or solution expertise to help unlock specific opportunities. His career has been built on his values of integrity, people-centredness, and developing long term relationships.

Following are a number of avenues Chris would be happy to discuss with you.

Consultancies – looking to develop new clients, partnerships or propositions? Chris has built a track record of starting and growing retail practices delivering valuable work to great clients.

Retailers – organising for change, or needing to crystalise the change required, especially related to process and system change arising from omni-channel or international expansion.

Retail innovation – an experienced speaker and writer, Chris is able to help organisations imagine how emerging technology and consumer trends can be harnessed to create new streams of value.

Small businesses – needing a mentor, coach or NED? Chris is looking to develop a network of businesses local to Dorset in which he can apply his experience.

Social enterprise – all business can be good, and have incredible power to create healthy outcomes for staff, suppliers and customers. However, there are some businesses which have this objective in their very mission – Chris is open to pro bono consulting opportunities with organisations which help to alleviate poverty, protect the marginalised, or care for our beautiful planet.