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Corner Space is established to help individuals and organisations create space to reflect and reimagine.

We believe that in the bustle of life, many of us operate from the centre of our spaces, being the hub that connects other people, places or things. Whilst this may help us join the dots, respond quickly to events, and achieve what we need to in order to survive, it does entail us spinning from one direction to another. A sense of anxiety can accompany this central position, for whilst we are engaging in one direction, we are unable to see what is happening around us. One way we try to limit that anxiety is to turn more quickly. Operating from the centre can be an exhausting position, which promotes reactive rather than reflective decision making.

Corner Space believes that people are made to thrive not just survive. In order to flourish, we need to take time to purposely move out from inhabiting the centre of our space, to observing it from the corner. From the corner, we gain three new perspectives:-

From the corner, we are more able to view the entire space – what does it contain and how does it function?

From the corner, we can observe the movement within our space – does it flow?

From the corner, we can look beyond our current space – what is beyond?

Our observations from the corner, together with our experience of operating from the centre, contribute to reflective decision making. Through allowing ourselves space to explore if our lives behave and flow as we hope, we can also start to imagine alternate ways of being.

Corner Space is involved in a number of initiatives that enable individuals and companies to take time out of being in the centre of their space. Our specific aim is to help facilitate the move from reactive to reflective decision making.